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I came upon this when looking at the New Humanist Blog today. Apparently they have sent out some "intelligent" design books to schools dressed up as a discussion about evolution.

This organisation is based in Cambourne. Giving these people the oxygen of publicity I think would be a bad idea. However is there another way of making sure schools know that this stuff is nonesense? Link below:

Theology - "equivalent to the study of what colour the flippers are on the Loch Ness monster"

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Good science teachers would recognise this for what it is - unscientific.  The timetable at secondary school is so packed that I doubt any sensible science teacher would be willing to make room for it.  The others are probably the sort who would indoctrinate children anyway, probably with parental approval or tacit consent.

At least we have finally managed to get evolution into primary schools rather than just that creation stuff!  I am interested to see how much that will be watered down or special religious exemptions permitted for those who consider 'god did it' to be a valid scientific explanation.


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I just sent the following as a message to the Truth in Science

I just came across your web site which seems to be somewhat against evolution as the explanation for life on earth and which quotes some selected evidence that points against evolution. However, there is nothing about what this site proposes to replace evolution and this no evidence that points in this new way. Where can I see this please?

I'll post back any reply I get!
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