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Hi all and welcome to those who have joined. It would be great if everyone took a moment to introduce themselves as wheels5894 and Jessie have done. It has been said that organising atheists is like herding cats as we are by nature fiercely independent. However my hope in founding this society is that we might come together to campaign on specific and particularly local issues where our collective voice will have more impact.

Jessie has raised the issue of the act of collective worship that is required in all primary schools. The extent of this indoctrination can be found not surprisingly on the BBC website.

We are only one week old and few in number and any clout that we might have in the future will be proportional to our membership base so if anyone has any ideas for expanding it, please post. I have already contacted all local media and sent this press release. but if anyone thinks flyers for example might be useful we can produce them as PDFs that anyone can download and print out, for example a secular/humanist message for school notice boards.

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Clearly these forums aren't used particularly much, but are the people behind the forums working on anything?

Does CSS have any ongoing campaigns at the moment? Do you meet as a group at all?


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I certainly would love to tell all about myself but this thread was set up in 2009 and got one response in Feb 2012! It's nearly 2013 so who would be reading about me and responding? No one until 2014? Seems kind of...sad. Are we really so few in numbers? I know, I know, the herding cats thing...but even cats will 'sniff' each other out when there's something important enough on their minds.
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