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This was the closest forum area I could find for this. This link is from the blog and is the video of Parliaments science and technology select committee looking at "Evidence Check: Homeopathy". It seems to me that homeopathy like other forms of pseudoscience is part of a continuum that includes the ideas of religions that they can miraculously cure diseases and conditions. In any event I found it interesting and I hope you may also (it is quite long however):

Theology - "equivalent to the study of what colour the flippers are on the Loch Ness monster"

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I watched this lot of hearings and hope the Homoeopaths lose their support. There really is not evidence for anything working apart from the placebo effect.

I am more concerned about the plight of herbalists who have a much better record of evidence and yet are likely to be lost if the government doesn't set up regulation for them as homoeopaths have at present.
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