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Is it time for this action to be taken by the government? Simple question but we all know the answer for a Conservation administration - no!

Still this thing ought to be easier than it looks when people look at the pro and cons. For example, 

Fore the church, the ability to change its prayers and bishops without parliament agreeing to the former and the PM agreeing to the latter looks like a good thing. After all, who in the C of E wants a Jew, a Muslim or a Sikh, as PM, choosing their bishops. OK  it hasn't happened yet but it nearly did. 

The  again, the Monarch is the head of the Church of England - something that was fine when monarchs were religious. Yet now, we have an heir to the throne who, clearly now understanding why Henry was awarded the title of 'Defender of the Faith' by the pope wants to be called 'defender of the faiths'. Is this the sort of head of the church those in the pew want - one who seems to not defend the C of E and more than rival faiths? 

I'd say the church had good reason to disestablish and the only downside would be the lack of bishops in the House of Lords and even that might be handy in cost savings. 

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