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Bishop says Taliban could be admired for their "conviction to their faith

Shame on this idiot who was unfortunately born in Cambridgeshire


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He has said that the Daily Telegraph quoted these remarks out of context and has also apologised for any offence.  I do hope that is true.

Of course, there are many who regard commitment to faith and doctrine as being more important than respect for other humans.  Religious moderates and progressives appear too frightened or apathetic to stand against the growing influence of these 'traditionalists' and to bring the tenets of their faith into the 21st century.


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I'm not sure I quite see how he has made matters better. He clearly, as Jessie says, a considerable respect for commitment to faith and is not really moving away from that.

Mind you, I am always a bit uncertain about clergy supporting war at all - especially one in which we attacked first in a way. Supporting the troops in their work is bound to bring questions of what his faith teaches. I wonder how many of the troops out there have a use for a chaplain or any sort..

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If anyone ever asks why faith (in the sense of believing something for which you have no evidence) is not a virtue, this would be an excellent illustration: conditioned to think that faith is a virtue, the bishop is obliged to admire the Taliban.
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