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Beyonbd Belief radio 4 11jan10

I just listened to this programme (on Iplayer)and was appalled to hear a programme devoted to alternative healings which had only one side - the healers and so on. There was no alternate point of view. I would write to the BBC but I guess it would be brushed aside as irrelevant as this was as religious programme (like Thought for the Day)

What does anyone else think?

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Tried listening to a bit of this but found it unbearable. My sides cant take laughing that hard for very long. This show could be summed up as "one fool interviews some other fools".

Interestingly the preamble talks about asking "do they work" but in the parts I listened to the interviewer never once asks for supporting evidence of this nature. I presume the BBC doesnt want this programme to be taken seriously, even its name suggests that!

If you don't tell them what you think then your view certainly wont be heard regardless of how they respond.

Theology - "equivalent to the study of what colour the flippers are on the Loch Ness monster"
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