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From us to you and from you to other members
43 5 Tell us about yourself
by HappyDaze
Who are you?
An opportunity to introduce yourself and say why secularism is important to you
26 12 Hello
by karlmeyer
Morality and ethics
How to be good without god
10 2 Thought for the Day
by gavin_orland
Faith and religion
Why people believe; from whitening toothpaste to story of creation
5 3 catholic year of Mission
by wheels5894
Religion and behaviour
Why religion is bad for society and the individual
17 5 Dawkins to "arrest" Pope!
by graham
Towards a secular society
Effective strategies for combating religious influence and privilege
3 2 What do you do if the courts don't find in your favour?
by Aotearoa
Education and learning
Nurturing the next generation
8 3 Representation on Cambridge SACRE
by karlmeyer
Politics at home
Current issues like government policy towards faith schools and advice from “community leaders”
18 5 House of Lords Reform
by wheels5894
Politics abroad
The influence of religion on policy, law and behaviour
6 1 Prosecution of Gert Wilders
by graham
Local issues
We are the Cambridge Secular Society so parochial is fine here
14 4 Prayers in local councils
by Godfree
Believers speak out
Welcome to those who do not share our views. Please be courteous to our guests
15 3 something from nothing
by wheels5894
Support for those oppressed by religion
30 4 Nope to Pope
by graham
Books, articles and other links
Please add links that might be of interest to other members
11 8 This guy is really worth a read...
by graham
User comments
This website and forum: changes, improvements and enhancements that you would like us to make
7 2 British Date Format
by Godfree

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